Monday, September 20, 2010

The Genius In You

Crossword puzzles, I am convinced are a good thing. The formation of words that cover virtually any subject can certainly increase your knowledge of the world. But you can't overlook the fact that you have to have a certain amount of knowledge yourself.  Going to the back page to see what the answer is just shows that you know how to flip pages. I am quite adept at the daily crossword as long as it doesn't have the names of too many celebraties. Especially those that are famous for being famous. I have been told recently that there are more than one way to fill in a crossword puzzle. Being from the old school, I try to fill in all the spaces with the appropiate letters. But it appears that if you are unable to make the proper words you can aquire the assistance of a black marker. I guess that's lifeline #1. To complete the word, just fill in the empty square with black. Now crosswords are not like homework. No one is going to check to see if it is correct. It only matters to you and you have completed it and proved yourself to be a genius. No doubt, something you already knew.

Facebook for today: I don't care which way you dress it up or work it around, when someone is a winner, everyone else is the loser.

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Kurt said...

Now I'll be able to finish those suckers!!!!! Thanks for the tip!