Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Turning Over In The Grave

Rumblings of earthquakes and volcanoes lately. But I don't think it's that. I am more inclined to believe its Napoleon and Charles de Gaulle turning over in their graves. You can probably add to that, the untold numbers of English and French soldiers from their hundreds of years of tit for tat or à bon chat, bon rat. When they all roll over at once, voila, an earthquake. And of what am I speaking, do you ask? Well, the new partnership of the English and French navies to stomp about on the same aircraft carrier at the same time on the same day. From the easy chairs of some men's club has come the idea of a joint venture of both countries using the same aircraft carrier to cut down on expenses. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

So! What flag will it be? Both flags up at the same time, or do they take turns on a daily basis? Right of the bat, there will be an arguement. Who gets the first day? And when the sailors come on board and salute the flag, would the French salute an English flag. That would be definate grounds for a tsunami. So lets say they solve those problem and off they go into the wild blue yonder. The crew would all have to speak both languages. Imagine going into battle and the orders are in english and french. "We don't take orders from you limeys." "We don't take orders from you frogs." The war would be over, them at the bottom of the sea and still arguing.

There must be some good points for this. Just think, when they go into a foreign port, they wouldn't be fighting with the locals. They would be fighting with each other. Another good point is that when they go into a port that don't like English, they could borrow French uniforms and vice versa. What about the rum? The French would want rum too. Maybe they would rather have wine.

So I guess the biggest problem would be if the English went to war with someone and the French didn't. Even bigger than that would be if they were on different sides. At least that day, there wouldn't be any earthquakes.

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