Monday, February 21, 2011

The Dream of Freedom

Anyone for a trip to Libya? I guess not. I wouldn't have gone there in the best of times. Gadhafi's son gave a speech yesterday, telling all, they would fight to the bitter end. One would expect that. It will probably not the only country to go in that direction. While other states seemed to have caved in to protestor demands, it gives them time to round up the troublemakers and ringleaders.

I noticed Arab women on TV, telling us how they will have women's rights, freedom of information, Medicare, etc. You may get that, but you'll have to move to Canada first. The governments of these countries would probably be more like Iran. The crackdown in Iran is similar to Libya. So what did they achieve in Iran 30 years ago? Nothing.

I always wonder if these countries could handle a Democracy. They seem to need a heavy handed person to keep them in place, whether it is a single or a group Dictatorship. If some vote the opposite to others, they fly of the handle, and fists start to fly. Their discussion is throwing a brick. When they do vote a government in, it is so corrupt, they may as well have a Dictator. At least then they would know whose bank account the money is going to.

And with Wisconsin, the Americans have their own uprising. To tell you the truth, I can't believe one Governor would have the guts to up and do that. It sounds more like he drew the short straw.

"Lets Wisconsin try it first, they're a small state, and if it works there, we can all jump on board. If it doesn't work, no one the wiser."
Have to wait and see how that goes.

"We have to shut the government down, because we have no money."
 Probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard. An example of what happens, when you start a country, by throwing out all the laws and starting over. Self-interest groups make the laws and there is no going back. They make the laws in their favour from then on. The same thing will happen in the Arab countries. The biggest self-interest group will win out, most likely Islamic fundimentalists.

In Canada, politics are much more boring. We hire a Prime Minister to do a job. He has four years to do it right. If not, he's toast. We don't name holidays after him or let him go around thinking he is a rock star. Of course I'm not saying we don't get applications from idiots. We just hope that at election time, most of the population are not acting like idiots.

Here is a great video

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