Friday, February 18, 2011

Obama Needs Our Money

Temp. now is -3C/27F Warming up later on and rain all day. That's good, we can get rid of some snow.

Not much news in the newspaper this morning. The big news of course, is the $5.00 fee for airline passangers to go to the U.S. They say it's a fee for pat downs. Silly excuse eh? Supposed to fight their debt. Not likely. It will end up in someone's pocket. That's the American system, just like the Mafia. Everyone gets their cut. It can't go on forever. They are going downhill faster and faster. Only a matter of time before the lower classes catch on, but they can take a lot of punishment before doing anything. The world looks different when you live there. Americans get very little outside news. Only told what the government wants them to hear.

Our P.M. was down with Obama a couple of weeks ago. Never a mention of this new fee. So I gather if Obama says,"You're my buddy" look out, you're about to get screwed. You know, there are 200,000 Canadians who live in the U.S. for the winter. Wonder how long it will take for them to get screwed?

Looking at the Canadian Tire flier this morning and noticed they had an APP. I guess that's like a flier. I hear there are about 60,000 APPs. None for me, since I don't have a cellphone. Hard to believe, I took my first computer repair course in 1963, and now I don't even have a cell phone. The bottom line is, no one calls me. That's not true, my doctor called last week, but I don't expect any more calls this year, except if someone dies. Of course, if I win the lottery, I will get all kinds of calls.

On the American news the other day, I saw this item about a guy who poisoned two trees of a rival football team. He poured poison in the ground in the ground. They didn't say anything about being charged. The announcer didn't know if it was against the law, which is a bad sign. No fact checking here. If he did that here, he would be paying forever. Nova Scotia is very,very enviromental.

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