Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The temp. this morning is -13C/9F and windchill is -20C/-2F. So that wind makes it really cold. When I see windchill, I'm reminded of weather forcasts that mention the coldest day in history at such and such a place. It makes me wonder what the temp. was with the windchill.

Well, the newspaper didn't have much today. The headline said, "Auditor General says he can go deeper into MLA's expenses." I guess he liked the cartoon yesterday.

Another item that caught my eye. The Government says it is spending too much on consultants. Well, yes! Imagine paying someone a $100,000. to come in and tell you you're doing this wrong. Most people in the office probably know what is wrong. I sometimes believe, consultant payments is a slush fund for relatives. "We need an opinion on what broom to buy. I can hire my cousin for $50,000 as a consultant. He works as a cleaner."

I see Billy Cryus is moaning up a storm. He is complaining his daughter's Hannah Montana gig was responsible for his marriage breakup and the reason his daughter is going all crazy. Don't recall much complaining when she started raking in the cash.

The Egyptians are still at it. Freedom? I think they are in for a nasty surprise. On top of that, they want freedom like Americans! I don't know if I would be wishing for that. They should be able to do better. Americans don't take care of their people, it's every man for himself.

I looked out the window at 7 am and saw a neighbour scraping the ice off his car window, so he could go to work. Glad I'm retired. Just found a great cartoon to add on. My pyjamis have long legs and I have slippers on.

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