Monday, February 28, 2011

Seventy Virgins Or A Cruise.

I wonder who else writes a Blog at 7 A.M?  And it is darn cold outside. -15C/5F. Windchill makes it -19C/-2 F.

And the Oscars are over. Oh darn! I missed it.

Another thing over is the Canada Games. I hardly noticed them. If I had not seem the section in the newspaper every day, I would not have known about them. Not a mention on TV, that I saw.

On Libya this morning, I saw a photo of open graves, and guys laying in them. It is supposed to show their willingess to die for their country. I wonder if they know that if you die, you actually do die. It's not like on TV. Maybe they are thinking about the seventy virgins. Don't they realize, after the first time, they are no longer virgins. Now they are wives. Cranky wives who have to share with seventy-nine other women.

Van Dyks's Blueberry Juice. There was an article yesterday and another article today. It appears there was an article in The New York Times and now the bottles are flying off the shelf. Seems everyone wants it now. My wife buys it and it cost $9.95. She thinks the price will probably go up now. The owner is eighty years old, so I suspect it will be bought out by some big company. Then they will screw up the recipe to make more profit. 

Saw an ad yestersay from LumberMart. If you buy all the stuff for a new kitchen, you get a free Caribbean Cruise. (I'm glad my computer can spell.) But the cruise is only for one person. So the thing is, you can enjoy the cruise, and your. wife can enjoy the new kitchen.

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