Saturday, February 26, 2011

Union And Unions

I know you are familiar with an iPad. Well, here is a picture of myPad. Sad eh?

We had a rainstorm all day yesterday, which turned into a snowstorm. High winds and it replaced the snow we lost yesterday. I guess the only thing I can say about it, the snow is cleaner.

A piece of mail I received yesterday was about my house insurance. I bought a new oil tank a couple of weeks ago, so they reduced my insurance fee and sent me a cheque for $32.00. It also said my tank was good till 2035. Last tank for me I imagine. They no longer allow steel tanks in Nova Scotia. Has to be Fiber glass. My last tank was only ten years old. I'm sure it had another 5-10 years left. Anyway, I would have had to replace it sometime and it would still be my last tank.

The other piece of mail I received was from the hospital. They sent me a survey to fill out. Last week, I was in the hospital for them to put a scope up and look at the prostate. Now, that was interesting. I thought it would be painful, but not so. I could watch it on TV and it was like watching a Sci Fi movie. In outer space, going down a wormhole. I was waiting for an alien to come out and grab the camera.Too bad there was no music. Anyway, they were happy with their trip thru space.

In the newspaper today, there was a photo of a car accident, in which a woman was killed. A Hyundai had hit a Honda Civic in the side. The front of the Hyundai was damaged, but the Honda looked like it had been run over by a Mack truck. I guess the crash test dummies should do more testing on side crashes.

Th price of gas went up 3.5 cents yesterday, making it $121.3 cents a liter. For the other people, that's $4.58 a Gal. And we send them oil!

Read this headline. "Tyrants don't always make the best allies." Did you notice, they only say that afterwards. It seems to work fine till their people get fed up.

An old Russian saying says. "The past is unpredictable." Sure, they can always rewrite it. This reminds me of the last movie they made about the Alamo. It was rewritten closer to the truth and no one liked the movie. Sorry, Fess Parker. But I do have a bottle of your wine downstairs. Bought it while I was wine tasting at your winery. I didn't see you there, but I saw your daughter. Close enough.

Winconsin and Unions. That's just a start. Unions were a Godsend to my coal mining home town. My uncles worked in the mines when they were twelve yrs. old. A Union certainly saved them, but like anything else, greed takes over. The one thing I don't like about unions, is the hiring practices. Impossible to get the best people.

So the Toronto Stock Exchange and London are joining forces. Don't know if it is good or bad. If they keep telling me how good it is, it's definetely bad. Last Friday, the London Exchange was closed for hours because of bad software. As a point of interest, that is the same software Toronto will be switching to.

Bombardier will be buying a Polish railway. Now that's a surprise. They are famous for making railway cars and trains. They also make aircraft. Does that mean they will be buying an airline?

Saw this headline. "The wine is only the beginning." It was an ad for a weekend get away.I thought it would be a great catch phrase for Alcoholics Anonymous.

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