Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It Is What It Is

Rained all evening and all night. Boom, boom in the sky, etc. I won't have to put the hose on today. Going up to 25C/77F. Humidity will be higher. It's already sticky.

Took my wife to the bank yesterday. She has a pension from Germany so every year the bank has to tell them she is still alive. So, I was sitting in my van, reading on my Kindle, when I hear this loud scream beside me. I looked out and this woman says to me, "Oh, I'm sorry, wrong car." Wonder what gave me away.

Looks like Halifax has come into the big time. We now have the second-highest homicide rate in Canada. In Canada the rate is at its lowest in four decades. I was going for a walk, maybe I better stay home.

Something to laugh at. The Atlantic Superstore is selling Replicas of the schooner Bluenose made in China. First off, the spelled Lunenburg wrong, added a h to it. There is also no wheel, plus a number of other bo bos. Lunenburg is the town where it was built. They make a lot of movies and tv shows there. "Haven" is filmed there.