Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lobster and a Happy Face.

Cold and crispy to-day. Temp about 0C/32F. Last Friday I took my wife out to look at countertop for our new kitchen. The cupboards are arriving the middle of next month, so we had to get on it. A lot of humming and hawing, but at one point she said, "I like this one, but..." That was good enough for me. I ordered it. Had to be done.

Getting all new appliances also. So far we have the dishwasher, fridge, coffeemaker, and toaster oven. Now we're looking for the stove and under the counter microwave. I'm all for getting he stove now. I can hook up the new one for Christmas and get rid of the other one. (Now say in a low woman's voice with a German accent), "No, we can wait till after Christmas."

I think she forgot about the countertop because she bought me two lobster for today. I cooked them yesterday, eat them today. And that is what a poor senior citizen, retired military, starving author will have for lunch. Hard to get anyone to believe the starving part when I am having lobster for lunch. Harder to believe the author part.

Have to go for a haircut next, then the bank, and then church. Going to drop off $100. for the food bank. My wife gives food all year long, but I always give them a cash gift. Then they can buy what they are short.

One of the first things I do in the morningis write something for my next book. Min. 500 words. What I find interesting is that it's like reading. I wonder what is coming next.

Having been an electronics technician and in the habit of fixing most things my self, people have the tendency to offer me things they are going to throw out. But that's going by the board now, as most things are not meant to be repaired. Where would you get the parts?

My brother gave me a Sony eReader because he has a new Kindle. The battery was getting weaker and weaker and would need recharging after an hour. It's $25. for a replacement battery and I know how to take it apart. The other day I decided to recharge, but I made a mistake and discharged it to the limit.

Then I remembered. Rechargeable batteries should be discharged completely before recharging. In fact, I built a small thing on my workbench to fully discharge the 1 1/2 volt batteries. We did that at the airport for our radios. So I recharged my dead eReader and have read on it for two days. The battery light is still green. Picture me with happy face.

What happens is, "I think," The new charge doesn't add to the residual charge. It just makes a new starting point. Over time, the residual charge gets larger and larger, ahile the new charge gets smaller.

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