Thursday, January 16, 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan

The amount of naivety in people never ceases to amaze me. It is said to be the charm of the innocent and the unsophisticated. I fail to find the charm in the lack of worldly knowledge. Believing in all they see and hear, especially on TV or over the Internet. The watchers of reality shows and the followers of celebrities spending their time enthralled by lies. Reality shows are scripted  and rehearsed. Even Survivor uses doubles.
What about Prince Harry and Meghan? Royalty, at least he is, but also celebrities. Being an actress, she was a minor celebrity before. It always amazes me how Royalty are attracted to actresses, like moths to a flame.
As a part of the Royal mob, they had duties, cutting ribbons at supermarkets and old peoples homes etc. I don't think they got paid extra if you discount the free food.
At the present time, Harry is busy studying his new religion. Converted by Meghan, to the American religion of greed. She took a look at these extra duties where there was no extra cash. Not the American way. Their time is valuable and should be compensated for. Here they are, Harry with his $40 million, her with her $5 million, the bank account not increasing while they sat on a potential gold mine. It would be so un-American not to cash in on her new status. Meghan must be embarrassed, her a Royal and having only $5 million.
This couple reminds me of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Remember them. He gave up the crown for her, another American and then backed Hitler in the hope of getting it back. They were the top celebrities of the time, invited to all the parties. Of course, if they did show up, they expected payment.
So now, the Royal couple move to Canada, in the first step of cashing in. They blame a number of reasons for the move, not forgetting the race card. With the move comes a security bill, which Canada has to pay, willingly it appears. It appears we want to help them fatten their bank account. I read an article yesterday from a newspaper journalist in Ont. He blamed the willingness of some to pay the security bill as stinginess. What an ass.

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