Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Read in "True West" magazine that "Deadwood" is coming back as a movie. Although it is based on fact, it's a shame that a lot of it is untrue. It gives the audience a warped picture of history. Honest men are sometimes pictured as a villain. An example from "Deadwood' would be Randolph Hearst. Although cast as the villain, in real life, he and his wife were much loved and did a lot of good. The least they could do is change his name.
And the swear words? Most of them were unknown at that time.
I watch German shows with English subtitles. The 'F' is always used but in German there is no such word. There big swear word is "shit" (scheisse).
I've read a lot of history and when I watch a show I want it close to the truth as possible. I don't need them to add crap just to make it exciting.