Tuesday, June 29, 2021


Last month, my neighbour across the street threw out 2 chain saws. I went over and grabbed them. They were really junk. One didn't even have a blade. I thought I could sell them on Kijiji. My wife laughed at me. Anyway, I put them up for $5.00. 

A few days later I received an email from a guy who said that he couldn't come into the city because of the lockdown but if I would hold them for two weeks he would give me $40.00. I told him I would hold them but $20.00 was enough. He wrote back, no way, nothing less than $30.00. OK, I held them. First time I've been beat up instead of down. 

He came by a couple of weeks later with the $30.00. Told me that collecting this brand of chainsaw was his hobby. He had about 30 of them. Said he loved to take them apart and put them together again. 

Guess I did a few good deeds. Made a collector happy, kept stuff out of the landfill and got $30.00. My wife was still laughing but now she was also shaking her head.