Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Darkest Corners of Texas (An Al Quinn Novel Book 7) by Russ Hall

 I started reading this book and the first three chapters were all about his dog. I felt that the author was having trouble finding a story and was dragging this part out. Reading farther along, I got the impression that everyone carries a gun. In pockets, purses and tucked into their belts. I've been to Dallas and never saw a pistol tucked into anyone's belt. It is not a style of writing that I like so I never finished the book. 

I can't understand why people doing a review have to do a summary. You can find that on the back of the book. Probably it's to make the review appear longer. In a lot of reviews that I have read I have noticed that the actual review might be only one or two sentences. If so, let the review be one or two sentences. It's a waste of time reading the synopsis over and over. A rant, after reading the reviews of all seven books.