Monday, June 19, 2023


 The truest obedience
 to God is the opposition to tyranny. Tyranny itself can manifest in various forms, including political, social, economic, or religious oppression. Our first thoughts are WW2 and countries in Africa. But it is also possible to experience small forms of tyranny in our daily lives. Tyranny refers to the exercise of power in a cruel, oppressive, or unjust manner, typically by a government or authority. While we often associate tyranny with large-scale instances, such as totalitarian regimes, it can also manifest in more subtle ways in our everyday interactions and systems.

Unequal power dynamics and abusive behavior by supervisors or managers, prejudices and discrimination and excessive control and interference in one's personal or professional life can be a form of tyranny. Smaller instances of tyranny can accumulate and lead to oppression and injustice.

Soon we will experience a reduction in T.V. channels while paying the same fee. Some will see this as a form of tyranny. Although it may appear that they have complete control over our viewing habits, in the end, we can just cancel the subscription. Although not tyranny, it is at least unfair.