Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lost And Found

That title refers to an old frend of mine, John. We were stationed together for a number of years and after hrs. we worked at a bar on the Base. But when people get transferred, they get lost. I found his name on Facebook, so contacted him. Turned out to be his son. So he was lost and now he is found. We had some great times together. He really is a character. If they had reality shows then, he would have been a perfect match. I'm going to give him this address and then like everyone else he will know how dumb I am. Of course he might already know that.

Yesterday was very unusual. It was sunny. Gave me the oportunity to mow the backyard. When my wife was free yardsaleing the other day, she brought me home an electric lawn mower. Sign on it said it didn't work. Checked it out and saw that it dimmed the lights when turned on. Took it all apart and checked the wiring. All good. Put some oil on the shaft, which I think was the problem. Now it works great and runs so quiet. Looked it up and found out that new they are $300. My wife wants to sell it on Kijiji. I think that was the original plan. I'll try it out today on my neighbours back yard. Before it rains.

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