Monday, June 7, 2010

Need That Soil

May 18, 2010
The plan for Friday was to get bags of soil at Wal-Mart for a $1.00. So we drove out there, which takes about 20 min. Guess what? No soil. Tried Home Depot and Canadian Tire with the same result. I also couldn’t get those fuses I was looking for. On the way home I thought the truck in front of me was making a lot of noise. So I turned off to take a different and found out it was my van that was making all the noise. Thought it was the alternator even though I had a new one 8 months ago. Called my private mechanic and got an appointment for Mon. morninMy wife saw an ad in a flyer for Canadian Tire and they had soil on sale for $1.00, Sat morning only. This store is right behind my house. So the next morning, my son John went and got 10 bags in his car. Later I went with the van and got 20. I was nervous about getting any more because of the noisy van. Spent the rest of the day distributing the soil. I think that job is done for the year.

On Sunday evening, dropped my van at the garage so he could have it first thing Mon. morning. I was glad I made it. John picked me up. He figured it was the steering. That’s what it was. And $740.00 later, I got my van back.

Today is Tuesday and its warm out. The plan is to cut the lawn. My wife would rather I paint the fence. But it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Then I would have to wait for the grass to dry. I may be able to paint some also.

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