Monday, June 7, 2010

Those Bricks Again

May 13, 2010

Another day. Up n’ at em. Make a to do list for today. I sound bold. Better check with my wife first.

Montreal won last night. Nice to see them beat the Penguins, even though Sidney Crosby lives a few streets away.

So off we went yesterday to the Brick Store. Have to get those decorative bricks. Didn’t like that place. They also didn’t have my bricks. Said that they were discontinuing that colour and they were all sent out to the stores we had already tried. On the way home I suggested we try the hardware store just around the corner from our house. And what did I find there? All the bricks I needed, right size and right colour. On top of that I got a 10% off for seniors. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Anyway, I made a few trips and bought all I needed. And that is the end of the brick saga.

Then it was on to cutting the lawn. Of course my wife wanted me hauling bricks every which way. Did that and back to the lawn. Now it starts to rain. It held back enough though so I could finish.

What’s on tap for today? First to the drug store. My second home. Have to pick up stuff for my daughter. When you are bedridden, you need a lot of stuff. Glad I have my health insurance from the military. I used to have to pay for a lot of this but insurance changed over the years. Thank God.

We donated a picture to the church and told them to get an appropriate frame. Have to go pay for that. After that it will be looking for paint for the fence. Then its wipper snipper time or mow my ill neighbours lawn. Maybe both.

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