Monday, June 7, 2010

Those Bricks

May 12, 2010
So the plans from last week didn’t work out too well. Got one of my fuses at Canadian Tire, only because it fell down among some other stuff. That’s all they had. Kent’s Hardware didn’t sell them. I certainly thought that it would be a lot easier to get them. Guess this will have to be an ongoing thing.

Not allowed to sell Weed n’ Feed anymore. Against the law in the city. Only lawn maintenance companies are allowed to use it. I guess we can’t be trusted to use it sparingly. Should be able to get it outside the city. And be careful when and where I use it.

We also didn’t get the decorative bricks my wife wanted. But she saw that there was a sale on bricks on Sat. morning. So my son took her there at 8:00 on Sat. morning. Guess what? Wrong colour. Those elusive bricks. Today I’m taking her to the place where they make the bricks. And if we don’t have success there, I’m giving up.

I found another bad fence post, so I’ve prepared another post and I’ll put that in today. Digging out some dandelions is another chore for today. And it is time to cut the grass again. So thats my plans at this point. We’ll see how that works out.

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