Monday, June 7, 2010

Yard Sales

May 22, 2010
I did cut the lawn on Tues. and I did paint the fence. Actually my wife and I did it together. She is not afraid of work. My wife work ethic is I did it yesterday, my son did it two days ago and me, well I’ll do it today or tomorrow.

After that it rained for a couple of days. Yesterday, we went and got 10 more bags of soil. I thought I was done with that. Also bought flower transplants. She needed soil for the flower pots. Every time I see it on sale when I am at one of those stores, I’ll get ten and store it behind the shed. Then I’ll have a start for the spring.

In the afternoon I cut the sick neighbours grass. One of my neighbours asked me if I wanted a grass catcher for my lawn mower. Said he had three. One did fit and it was the newest one. Betty is happy about that. She doesn’t like grass on the driveway or walkway.

Today will be a nice day. We probably carry our daughter to the van and go yard sailing. She has to lay in the van and can’t see much but better than sitting in a wheelchair all day.

Have to paint a lattice today and maybe cut the grass. All that rain sure made the grass sprout.

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