Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spiders & Alligators

Saw this article about this woman in San Paulo, Brazil. After a flood, she found a four foot alligator in her living room, swept in by the water. Next to it was her three year old son, sitting and patting it on the head. They said it was lucky the alligator wasn't hungry. I can sure agree with that.

This headline said."Mounties want to silence false alarms." This involves automatic alarms that are triggered and the police go rushing to the house. Sometimes it is caused by creaky doors or spiders going over motion sensors. To tell you the truth, if spiders are big enough to turn on motion sensors, maybe the Mounties should come.

The way gas prices work here is that prices changes are given Thursday at midnight. In this way, when they hear on TV that oil prices are up, they can't go out and jack up the prices. Prices are regulated and the new price is what they paid for oil it two weeks ago. So tomorrow gas will be two cents higher. With oil prices still going up, it will be higher next week and the week after.

I see Sears profit is down 28%. Wonder if they are starting to fall apart? I just about never go there.

Yesterday, I said something about Tim Horton coffee. It appears they are going to increase their prices. Never had any this year, so far.

In the Obituary column, I noticed a friend of mine died. I used to work with him at the airport. A good guy, only 62. R.I.P. Mac.

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