Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Food Prices and Bonuses

Temp -3C/27F  Windchill -9C/16F  and it is nice and sunn otside.

So now they are warning us food prices are going up. They talk like prices haven't gone up all along. Of course they have gone up all year. So I will explain to you what they really mean. What they are telling you is that profits did not reach the projected earnings for the last three months.They made a profit, but not what they wanted. The prices didn't put the profit up to where they think they should be.

Now they don't want this to happen for the next quarter,so the next increase is to make up the shortfall from last quarter and the projected profit for next time. Why, you ask? Because if they don't make projected earnings, stock price will not increase and management gets a smaller bonus. I bet you feel sorry for them now. "Nobody is going to raise their prices a nickel unless they absolutely have to," says John Scott, the president and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers.

That makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

What's on the front page again? Garbage collection. And they have decided to leave things as they are, because everyone is getting upset and don't want to hear about it any more. What they mean is that they want a longer time to convince us how good it is for us. I think it has the makings of a career ender.

What about immigrants? It appears Nova Scotia is only allowed to bring in 500 a year, but in Manitoba they get 5000. The reason is because we forgot to ask the Federal Government to raise our limit. People are upset about this. I say, "Thank God." That's what we need, more educated people on the welfare line. Nova Scotia don't have work for the educated people they have.

If you have a resume, telling how well educated you are, you're toast. You would be better off to tell them you like hockey and drinking beer. That will get you a job. The one doing the hiring likes hockey and beer. Saw this letter in the paper this morning.
Always so funny when I hear another problem solver tell me that our problem here in NS is that we don't bring in more immigrants.My one son,with 4 university degrees,can't find employment in NS so he's left.My other son and daughter,both with 2 university degrees,also can't find employment in NS and they're both gone elsewhere.Yes, they did what all the "EXPERTS" and "PROFESSIONALS" told them to do....get a university education....and a hefty debt to start life with....and with this education you'll have the world knocking at your door.They weren't aware that the world didn't include NS.

The only immigrants we need here are pizza delivery professionals and burger flipping PHDs.
NS...get your damn house in order...cut civil service by 50%,get rid of 90$ of your consultants and administrators and stop dreaming of convention centres and 30,000 seat stadiums.
Cut the # of MLAs......why do we need an MLA for Kings north and another one for Kings south....there just isn't that much going on here.In HRM you have an MLA for every other street corner.And cut the ridiculous wages,benefits and pensions for all these bureaucrats........the people who love to make reports and have meetings with one another and accomplish absolutely nothing.
But first we'll have to hire some consultants to look into this.

Which brings me to Sidney Crosby. A perfect example of success without an education. Hockey school, give me a break.

I just found out he has a 14 yr. old sister. And where is his sister? In hockey school, of course. We know what family priorities are there. Yesterday, she got a concussion. Her brother so far, has had three concussions. I don't think it looks too good for them.

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