Sunday, March 20, 2011

eBooks - Electric Shorts

All over, American kids are crying out, “I don’t like to read!” What they really mean is I don’t want to read THAT!

Electric Shorts is designed for young readers who crave adventure and excitement. Each series contains six short stories presented once a month as electronic downloads (eBooks), much the same as a television series. Geared for kids between the ages of seven and seventeen, each short story will include relevant material to attract and captivate the young reader. From historical settings to futuristic fantasy, across all genres, Electric Shorts will strive to satisfy all interests.

“By publishing the Electric Shorts as eBooks we can cut back our contribution of paper waste and perhaps save a few trees while we’re at it,” says Karen Syed. Echelon Press has been offering their titles as eBooks since the company formed in February 2001. “No heavy books to carry, nothing to clutter the shelves, and eBooks really are cool,” Syed says.

A group of authors from America, Canada, and the UK have signed on to the project. The Electric Shorts will be released every Tuesday, with a new installment of each series appearing once a month. At only $.99 each, the short stories are affordable for all walks of life. Plans to create affiliate programs with schools and other literacy advocates are in the works, including a summer reading program to keep kids on track during vacation.

To obtain a complete listing of authors, concepts, and series please contact Echelon Press.

For advance review copies and requests for interviews and author events for any of the participating authors, contact Karen L. Syed at Echelon Press

Our main sites for sales are,, OmniLit, Smashwords, and I have included LSI eBooks. The three books this week will first be uploaded to OmniLit, then to the others, over the next couple of days.

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