Saturday, March 5, 2011

Memoirs Of A Star

Temp. -10C/14F  Feels like -17C/1F It is supposed to be getting warmer this week.

I read  that in British Columbia prison inmates want to form a union. So does that mean, if they go on strike, they won't feed themselves.Can you just picture them, in their cells with placards? Will you people out there get a grip on it?   Here's a photo of me in Al Capone's cell in Alcatraz.

The big stink here is about garbage. I must say, I am sick and tired of hearing about garbage collection. Now they want to limit it to four bags instead of six. This is supposed to cut down on garbage. Are you out of your mind? The amount of garbage is what it is. Instead of six bags, you're supposed to stuff it in four bags. Now that makes a lot of sense. Not everyone has six bags. I have one garbage can. If I have more than six bags, because of a cleanup, my neighbours get the rest.

Now Meredith Baxter has put out her memoirs. It seems that when they do this, there is always one part to tell how they were abused. They have all been abused, usually father and/or husband. It also says she is/was an alcholic. So maybe they got into arguements because she was drunk. But it's never the celebs fault, always someone else.

Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen. Will someone take him and stuff him in a hole somewhere. I think he just conning everyone for more money. Says he is going to write a book. Probably say he was abused. Maybe by his nanny.

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