Friday, March 4, 2011

Spin The Wheel

Ate a quarter of a cheese bagle this AM. Yuck! Darn cold out this morning. -14C/7F and windchill is -19C/-2F. And the sun is shining.

Here's something that may get some peoples goat. They stopped it in Dec, but prior to then, city employees had something they called a Birthday Wheel. On your birthday, you spin the wheel, and it stops at a present. All presents are worth $25.00. The important part of this story is, it came out of our taxes. So when taxes went up last year, it was necessary, because presents had to be bought for the staff.

I see the United Church put the okay on same sex marriages. Wonder what belief this comes from. Perhaps the belief that if we don't get more parishioners, we are going to go broke. They may look at this as an untapped resource. Which reminds me. Remember in the old days, when they told Catholic jokes? There was always a joke about bingo. I never hear those jokes any more. Of course Catholics don't have bingo games any more. The Masons have taken over that money maker. How come we never hear Mason bingo jokes?

Here's one from the "I Can't Believe It," file."Missing ashtray grounds Jazz Air flight." The Feb. 23 flight from Fredericton to Toronto was postponed after the crew noticed during pre-flight checks that the receptacle in the wall outside the lavatory door was missing. The plane couldn’t take off without such a bin. Jazz could have cancelled the flight, but instead, arrangements were made to have the piece flown in from Halifax that afternoon, but that got screwed up. So,the empty plane was flown from Fredericton to Halifax, where maintenance staff installed a new ashtray.The aircraft then travelled back to Fredericton, where the flight departed at 11:45 p.m. Some passengers were able to get on an earlier evening flight to Toronto. Passengers also had the option of rebooking their ticket without penalty. I like that one, without penalty.

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