Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day. What's For Lunch?

Temp. is 0C/32F. That one is easy. Most of the snow is gone, thanks to the rain. I'm glad I'm not living in northern New Brinswick. They got two feet of snow testerday. The snow just missed us again.

Today is International Women's Day. I can't say too much about that. After all, I am married to one. I did mention it on Facebook, which could be enough to get me in trouble.!/delta61

My wife and a friend are going to a funeral today. It seems at my age there is at least a funeral a month if not every week.

The Green party is going on the attack — against attack ads. It seems most people don't like attack ads. It's an American thing. We now have them because Karl Rove is managimg the campaign. Harper is doing a good job, unfortunately he is in the back pockets of the bankers. Can't vote for him, Liberal Party leader too dumb, can't vote for him.

Did you notice how the NDP Party always got 25% of the vote. They are the people who seem to live in a dream world. Now, they only get 15%, because the Green Party gets 10%. They really live in the dream world. May, the leader of the Green Party is always changing the place to run, hoping she will hit a spot where most of the people are crazy.

Don't kill seals. I wonder if the people who say that eat hamburgers. They don't mind killing cows. Reminds me when I was stationed in Germany. One of the neighbors had a pig. So sometimes I would bring my buddy the pig, a snack. One day, they told me to come over, they were going to kill the pig. I went over, they put the thing to his forehead and Bonk, dead pig. Poor pig. One minute I felt sorry for the pig and a few minutes later it was, "Ah, pork chops."

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