Monday, July 18, 2011

Credit Card Maxed? So What.

The weather today is whatever forcast you pick. The picks are, cloudy, sunny, showers or stormy. They could sell lottery tickets on this.

Had to go to a funeral the other day. It happens, and the older, the more frequent. An old air force buddy died. That's the second in a month. His son was there and that was weird. Looks like his fathers twin. It was like I was talking to his father, thirty years ago.

Read this morning that Canada and India are teaming up to sell nuclear reactors. If I read it right, our part is selling the uranium with Indian technology. Now that's a scary thought. India has nuclear weapons, and do you know, that's our fault. In the 70's we sold them a reactor, and they learned how to make a bomb. This time they say, when we sell them uranium, there will be a monitoring system so they can't use it for weapons. How stupid can you be?

A third of the American news is about the woman in Florida, who has been released from jail, and another third about Murdoch. The last third is about the debt ceiling. In regard to the deby ceiling, isn't it the same as when my credit card is maxed out, and I go to the bank and ask for a new limit, so I can spend?  I don't know what all the fuss is about. Of course they are going to raise it. What it does, is worry the stock market, and when it is raised, the market can shoot up like crazy.

Lots of coverage on strollers on buses. Most cities have laws that allows only fold up strollers. But not here, too dumb. Here women go on the bus with strollers that just make it in. Then no one else gets in. So every stop on the route waits for the next bus. Duh!. City Council too busy with their own ego's to do anything.

They say shoplifting not a problem here. Maybe just smart shoplifters.

The price of ereaders going down. Saw them advertised  for $68.

Saw the other day that they are going to make colored shoes for men. To celebrate the new colors, I will buy two pair. One black and one brown.

Saw this ad yesterday Of course, I thought it was for Muslims. Actually it's Ramada Inn Nova Scotia. Don't say you wouldn't be fooled.!/PensionersRant

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