Sunday, July 23, 2023

Blue Jays Sponsored Jersey Patch


Watching the Blue Jays lately, I noticed (beside them losing) the TD ad on their sleeves. Of course it's from the Toronto Dominion Bank, one of their sponsors. I didn't like it. I'm not adverse to the ad, it was the stiffness of the material. Stiff as a board. Couldn't they find something more flexible? 

What do the fans think? Mixed reactions. Some comments were “The green sticks out like a sore thumb,” “Instead of matching the jersey it will match the turf,” No matter what you think, it all comes down to one thing, the bottom line. In other words, greed. Suck in the bucks.

The sponsored patch (green and white, 7.6 centimetres square) will appear on the left sleeve of home, road and alternate jerseys — but not on apparel sold to the public, the team said. So no worries there.

On another note - song note that is.

The song "Just Walking in the Rain" just came to my mind. No reason. That's a song from the era of Seniors. Maybe, for seniors, the words should be revised. How about " Just Peeing in a Cup"?