Friday, June 25, 2010

Back From The Mini Vacation

Got back from P.E.I. on Sunday evening. The weather for the weekend was great. Surprised to see hundred of bikers. Turned out to be an R.C.M.P. get together. They came from all across Canada. Those fast food restaurants were packed. A wall of bikes. Another surprise was that there was an old car rally in Summerside. It was great to see. There were a lot parked at my motel. I was wondering what they would say if I parked an old Pinto next to them. Would they say "Nice job old guy." or would they say " get that piece of junk behind the building. Out Classics are embarrased."

Prince Edward Island is one neat and tidy place. They have large lawns and all were trimmed. Must be good business in ride on mowers over there. It was a good trip. Betty and Natasha thought it was great. I will add a picture of the bridge. Took about fourteen min. to cross it.

A couple of days ago, I decided to tar the driveway. All three of did it and it took about three hrs. Looks like new pavement. People come around spraying driveways for about $60.00. To me it looks like they use old oil. You see some driveways where oil has leaked out. The sprayed driveways look the same.
Two hrs. after we finished the driveway, it started to rain. And it rained yesterday. So much for it getting dried soon. Today the temp is 28C/84F. Problem solved.

Have th mow the lawn out front today. Guess I better do my neighbours too. Her's looks like a hay field.

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