Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Moving Along

Over halfway thru June. Time does move along fast. Mowed the lawn. Have to do that once a week.
Betty and John painted the patio. I painted the part of the shed I added on last summer. Trim, door etc. Shed has siding, so will never have to worry about that.
Yesterday, I cleaned out along the paved driveway. Going to reseal it next week. Supposed to be hot all week.
Repaired the shelves in the shed yesterday. Getting a bit droopy in the front, so I put braces in. Threw some stuff in the garbage too. Seems I can always do that. Have to look for electrical parts since I still plan to put electricity in.
Tomorrow I plan to take my wife and daughter to P.E.I. They don't get to go anywhere very often. Natasha is very excited to stay in a motel, etc. Betty wants to see Anne of Green Gables house. Going to stay away two nights.
Built another compose bin behind the shed. made it from wire mesh. Needed that for grass clippings and plants. Betty fills the others too fast.
Today it is light rain. It has been nice weather fot the last number of days.
I am home with Natasha. Betty and John gone to the store. Guess we need junk food for the trip.

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