Friday, August 13, 2010

Migrant Workers or Welfare Beer Drinkers?

Friday morning of what promises to be a nice day, as far as weather is concerned. Yesterday I thought would be a good day to start cleaning my shed out. Put a green garbage bin outside and proceeded to fill it. So what started off in the morning as prized possessions  for repairs etc, ended the day as garbage. I'm sure that some of the items will be classified in the future as a "why did I throw that out item." Some items like four van tires, I will sell and others will go to Value Village. I'm not putting a time frame on this because some days I am more fed up with my storage area and I become the mad slasher.

A few years ago when I was coming back from California, there were a number of Mexicans on the plane. At customs they were asked if they could speak French or English. When the answer was no, they were welcomed with open arms. Me, on the other hand, having the appearance of a druglord, was roasted. Finding only Lipitor, I was greeted with a "Welcome Home." On hearing that, I realized what situation I was in. You have to know that they can't let everyone in without asking any questions. They have to ask someone. And that would be someone who will give them the right answers.  They don't want to pick the wrong guy and up with mountains of paperwork or worse. And I'll tell you something important. Don't trry and start a conversation with them. Then you are asking for trouble.

At that time I didn't learn much about the Mexicans but now I have that all cased. Migrant workers are what they were. We use migrant workers in Nova Scotia to pick strawberries. They come from Mexico and Jamica. Having these workers is part of our foreign aid program to these countries. I have to admit that's pretty smart. Giving the money to the workers rather than passing a cheque to the government. Not only that, the foreign governments pay for part of the medical expenses. So they have return airfare, housing, medical and are paid at Canadian wage levels. It sends a lot of oney back to their families.

Why do we have to resort to migrant workers? Like our American cousins, our people are too lazy to do the work. They would rather stay on welfare. One school of thought would have the welfare taken away and make them go to work. But would you really want to do that? Do you really want to send someone who spends his time sitting on his ass drinking beer out to pick strawberries? Cheaper to fly in Mexicans. Now don't get me wrong.  In some cases welfare is needed but in other cases people make a career of it.

Facebook entry for today: Once they were my brothers, now they are just called my relatives.
(Think about that one.)

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