Saturday, February 19, 2011

Attack On the Mini-bar

Ten minutes ago, it was spilling down raining, now it is snowing big time. Don't imagine the snow will last that long. It rained all day yesterday, but not much snow disappeared. I guess it is closer to ice than snow.

The front page today has a photo of a sandwich sigh with the words "Canada Games." It appears you can't do that. Trademarked name etc. Deep down, it just doesn't seem right. The name "Canada Games," belongs to all Canadians. I can see not wanting someone operating a factory making do-dads, but get a grip. Then again, greed will overcome common sense.

Our Lt.Governor, a black woman I should say, wants a holiday for Feb. And it should be for a female, black, civil rights activist. She did mention it definately had to be a woman. Reminds me of medical school.   
If you are male, white, anglo, you're screwed, unless your father or uncle is a doctor. Besides that, we don't need a holiday in Feb. Of course this comes from someone who is on holiday everyday.

Saw an ad for Mills. This is an upscale clothing store, where things are not cheap. The ad was for a prom dress, and even looking at it I can tell it is expensive. The point is, I think proms have gone way out of whack. Limos, tux, etc. And for what? To show the world you are qualified to get a job at McDonalds.
Speaking of McDonalds, I do get sick of the Mc this and Mc that.

The hotel mini-bar seems to be on the way out. People want the fridge, but not the small bottles of booze. Not that they have stopped drinking, they just want to put their own beer in there. And can you blame them. When I go to a motel, I don't even touch their bottles of water. I would probably go to the fridge and get one of my own beer.

This guy is pretty funny.And this clip is SOOOOOO true.

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