Monday, March 7, 2011

Gadhafi Duck

Temp is 7C/45F and windchill feels the same. It appears they only put the windchill in if it's below 0C.

In the newspaper, it must be Gadhafi Day. I have never seen a man's name spelt so many ways. On CNN yesterday, it started with a H. The whole thing is starting to look like Daffy Duck.

Here's something that really riles me. They know Gadhafi is responsible for the Pam Am bombing, still they suck up to him for years. Now they are all over Prince Andrew. Lets chastize him, he's friends with Gadhafi's son. What a bunch of crap. The British Government says, "Hey, we have to suck up to Gadhafi. Better pull out the big guns. Andrew, you get the short straw. Buddy, buddy up with them."

The Americans are just as bad. Now its, "Oh, we are going to start an investigation into Gadhafi's involvement in the Pan Am bombing." What a bunch. Well, that's enough of Gadhafi Duck. Where is Lawrence of Arabia when you need him?

Starting to protest in Cairo again. I knew that was coming. This is far from over. I'm waiting for Saudi Arabia to start. Then watch oil prices, then everything else. When the Arabs find out all this protesting doesn't bring them the "pie in the sky", you know what will happen. It will be our fault and they start on us.

Read this headline. "UK to send team of spies to help oust Gadhafi." Wow!. So much for secrecy.

Motorists illegally detained at Florida tolls - for using large bills! How about that? Guy tried to pay with a $100. bill. Someone doesn't know, they don't give out small bills from the bank machines. Here, they jumped it up to giving fifties.

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