Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mind Your own Business

Temp. is -2C/28F. After yesterday's snow and rain and wind, outside looks exactly as it did yesterday morning. Winter doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Must be a slow news day or the newspaper doesn't know what news is important. The front page article. A guy is sueing the Casino because to got drunk and lost money. Here's the story. This guy is on some list he shouldn't be allowed to gamble. The casino lets him into the high stakes room and let him buy drinks. So he lost his money and now its the casino's fault. He wants back the money he lost. He went to an addiction clinic and wants that paid for plus travel expenses. He also wants one million dollars for his grief. I think he's been watching too much American TV. Here's the link. You decide if they should throw this guy in jail for being a nuisance.

Here's something. A former member of the N.S. government had his house foreclosed on him. He was caught misusing his funds or something so now he sits as an Independent. Which really doesn't matter, he still gets paid. As far as money is concerned, he is a complete screw up, all the way around. He didn't pay his morgage. The house went up for auction and the Credit Union bought it for $150,000. The house is accessed at $223,900. Of course the assessed value is always less than selling price. So why didn't the morgage lender just take the house? They could have sold it.

Another coyote attack. A farmer, out shoveling in front of his barn, got jumped by a coyote. He beat him off and only suffered  ripped jacket and gloves. The farmer called a trapper and time will tell. Maybe we should have a hunting sesason on coyote.

Charlie Sheen seems to be in the paper every day. I guess he is looking for a raise. What he needs is a good slap in the back of the head.

Oscar watchers down 10%. Guess I'm not the only one who didn't watch it.

The President of the Scotia Bank only got $10.7 Million last year. Sad, isn't it. Not for him, but for us, that we allow such crap. Bank profits were up 16%. But let's face the facts, he had very little to do with it. The people below him make this happen. He may have gotten the job because he is somebody's golf buddy. Most people think he actually works. Is that naive or dumb? Did you ever watch the show "The Boss"? I don't but I have caught a few parts like, "Before I took this job, I knew nothing about running a hotel chain, I was a V.P. in automotive." or something like that. On top of that, he always seems to be the worse employee. If he didn't have a golf buddy, he would be working at McDonalds, if they would hire him.

"U.S. tightens grip around Libya" Now there is a perfect example of not minding your own business. If you are for one side, then you're against the other. One will be a maybe friend, and the other will be an enemy. The enemy will blow up some hotel in New York. Then its, "why us?" Why? Because you didn't mind your own business.

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