Sunday, March 6, 2011

Your Old School Bus

Today it's 3C/37F and feels like  -2C/28F. It was supposed tp rain, but now it's changed to tomorrow.

Ever wonder what happens to old school buses? At least some of them? Two decommissioned Annapolis Valley regional school board buses have found a new home in Cameroon, Africa.The buses were requested by Rotary International to be used for government and private schools there. The buses will join two other former Valley board buses that were sent to Cameroon last year.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff were attending an event Friday evening hosted by the Indian high commission to launch The Year of India in Canada. What the heck! A year. Even Black Culture only gets a month. How about a year of white culture? The people who actually built the country. Except for the Chinese, who built the railroad.

You expect a weather forcast and you expect it to be wrong. And we all laugh about it. But why should it be wrong? We spend a lot of money on people and equipment, and there should be some return. When I went to bed last night, it was supposed to rain today. Now, it's going to rain tomorrow. Maybe. It's not just us. Sweden’s environment minister has had enough of unreliable weather forecasts, blaming the country’s meteorology service for too many misses and demanding a shape-up in predictions.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is urging Wisconsin residents to fight Republican-backed efforts to strip most public workers of their union. I wonder if they are getting anywhere.

How did the company Sharp get its name? It got its name from inventing the mechanical pencil in 1915.

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