Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mayhem Still Reigns

Sunny out today but Thor is supposed to bang his hammer.

Do you notice there is nothing on tv to watch? It's so bad, I've even given the clicker over to my wife. I may be starting a bad idea here, because I'll want it back when the fall comes. I noticed she was watching Masterchef and they were cooking steaks. There was rare, medium and well done. They never mentioned shoe leather or burned to a crisp.

Read this headline,"Retirees Push Up Condo Prices." That's the "Me Generation" for you. It's never them, it's always someone else. When they are through with us, it will be the fault of the generation behind them.

I wrote in my Facebook about Sears catalogs used as toilet paper. Do you know, the first pages they used were from books of poems. They say, on a windy day, you could see these pages flying all over the english countryside. They wern't suitable for collecting.

Yesterday's front page was about the wages collected by people who run charities. Some earn a quarter million a year. It looks like a third of the money they collect goes to wages. And, as I have said before, these charities never die. If a cure is found, the charty is morphed into another. After all, they don't want to lose their jobs. In the U.S, it is not uncommon for the co. of a charity to earn a million.

Mayhem is still running rampant here. At 7:45 AM, three women smucked a woman on a bus and took her purse. She chased them and tried to get her purse back, but went down for the count. The bottom line is two were caught and before the judge at 10:00 AM.
At 5:00 AM on Monday morning, four guys attacked a couple, and used a hammer on him. With all the screaming, they took off and are still on the lam.!/PensionersRant

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