Monday, March 2, 2020

"First Daughter" by Eric van Lustbader

"First Daughter" is the first in the Jack McClure series. With a handicap like Dyslexia, does it help or hinder a government agent? This book takes us from the childhood of Jack McClure to late adult, focusing on love, family, work and his handicap. He is overly concerned with his handicap which helps him rather than hinder him. 
If you are looking for a story that goes from beginning to end, this is not the one. There are continuous flashbacks, not just for one character, but all of them. At times it's hard keeping track of where you are. 
Jack has a dislike for all organized religion and a profound dislike for the Catholic church and priests. This may be a bit strong, but the book seems to be inclined towards atheism.
Putting aside my criticisms, I still like the basic story and am giving it four stars. 

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