Sunday, March 15, 2020

Toronto Blue Jays

It all started out when my son won a contest to watch the Blue Jays at Spring Training. There were 5 winners so there was 10 people. On the 10th. of Mar. we flew to Toronto and then on to Tampa, Fl. We were met by Jaclyn from the Blue Jays and Adam from WestJet. They took us to our hotel, the Fenway in Dunedin where the team has its ballpark. As we stepped out of the mini-bus, Adam handed us $100. for meals. Later on, John and I took a walk down to the ballpark, it only took 10 min. Took some photos and ate at a restaurant close by (Blue Jays money). Back at the hotel they gave us our goodies. Each of us got a Blue Jays back pack containing WestJet sun glasses, a BlueJays pen, hat, a button down shirt with Bichette on the back (a $189.00 shirt by the way).
Next morning free breakfast because John has Gold Card with Marriott. (Saved BlueJays money). We all walked to the park, saw batting practice, saw the players, autographs, etc. (Had Bo sign my hat).  Then we had a tour of the park. While at the Flight Deck, I looked out back and saw another ball field behind the ball park. All the players were there, practicing at their positions while the Orioles were doing batting practice.
When we entered the park, they gave us a picture pass and a yellow wrist band. The wrist band let us eat any food in the park. I had to have a ballpark frank, after which I had a large salted  pretzel with mustard and then Cracker Jacks.We had to pay for our own beer. (BlueJays money). It was the first time I saw beer glasses filled from the bottom. You can watch my link.
At the game we had seats in the 6th. row, a little to the right of home plate. They were perfect. Bo was first batter up. First pitch, home run. He scored three home runs that game. 
BlueJays won 14 - 2.
The next morning it was free breakfast and we bought breakfast (BlueJays money). The free breakfast we packed for lunch at the airport. No big deal at the airport, no one coughing, so off we go. Got to the runway but navigation didn't work, so it was back to the gate. Took an hour or more so I feared the worst, missed flight. Lo and behold, at flight time we were back on the same plane, just different seats. Now, sitting it out at home, just in case.