Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The $400,000. Cookie

The temp. today is 28C/82F with humidity 38C/96F. That is fairly warm and I gather that under some people's collars it could be hotter. I cut my neighbours lawn this morning while it was in the shade and before it got too hot. The power just came back on. It was off for a short time. Back in time for dinner.

Did you hear that the Government is getting into the bakery business? It would appear so. They wanted to make made-in-Canada astronaut food. To the tune of $400,000. They quietly got into it and just as quietly got out of it. Didn't pan out so to speak. The first problem seemed to be the ego problem. It has to have Canadian content.  They needed recipes with Canadian sounding names. Fiddleheads, bison meatloaf, maple cookies and other intriguing items were on the menu. The only one that passed the test were cream filled oatmeal cookies. So Canadians, you spent $400,000 for an oatmeal cookie recipe. I could have given you one.

I don't know why they went thru all that trouble. The solution is so simple. All they had to do was put a picture of William Shatner on each package. Can you imagine it? Canadian content. William Shatner "Capt. Kirk". In the Space Station. On top of all that, this bakery was in Montreal, the home of William Shatner.
Win, win all the way. Can't see the forest for the trees.

Learned a new word the other day. Pink. No, not the colour. The person. Didn't know there was a singer that name. But I also found out that some of her ancestors are Lithuanian. Guess what? Today I learned another new word. Stunting! If you drive 50klm/30mph over the posted speed limit, it's called stunting. First fine is over $2400. This guy they fined yesterday was travelling 190klm/115mph. And his fine? Well , he gets to pay a nice $10,000. On the other hand, if you drive a car that can move that fast, I guess you can afford it.

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Muriel said...

Wow, with Capt. James T. Kirk's face on the package, they could sell that in the stores as well! What better photo could you have for a space cookie? I didn't know that Pink's ancestor's were Lithuanian. I've been following her music for a few years now. Why would they need to spend $400,000 for an oatmeal cookie? It boggles the mind.