Saturday, July 10, 2010

On The Ark With Rocky

The weather this morning says it is going to rain for seven days. Doesn't worry me. When I built my patio, I didn't attach it to the house. Sure, my neighbours laugh, but they laughed at Noah too. So far I've signed up the next door neighbours cat.

First thing in the morning is too read the obituary column, the the tv schedule. Notice how the two are somewhat similar. A couple of nights ago, with all repeats, I watched a boxing match. I should say up front that my perception of the match was probably tainted because I watched "Rocky" the day before. It was for middleweights. 27/24 wins, 16/14 KO's, o losses. In this match arms were flying in all directions. The only knockdown was when the opponent got slapped in the back of the head. When the champ wanted to throw a punch, he leapt ahead about the lenght of two paces and threw a roundhouse. What footwork, what finesse. I say again how I am warped by Rocky and possibly wrestling, but these guys had legs like toothpicks. They should be embarassed to wear shorts. And biceps, or lack of, so as Arnold would say,"These are Girlie Men."

Spent this week working on my van. Had to do some bodywork. It's a stop and go job. Took it to the carwash yesterday, so all I have to do is clean the windows inside. So that project is finished. And the next one will be to put power into my shed. My neighbour gave me a Skil electric drill. Said someone gave it to him and that it didn't work. Thought that maybe I could fix it for myself. Easy fix. Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. Guess I have one for the house another for the shed.

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