Monday, July 26, 2010

Cash For Clunkers

Monday morning and back to the warm temps. again. They say for most of the week. Woke up at 7:00 this morning to the sound of sirens. And it sounded like a lot of them. When you are involved with a siren, it's usually bad news. No plans yet on what to do today. What do seniors do? Weave baskets? This reminds me of old peoples homes. My son and his friend went to visit his father. Told me that he never expected to spend Sat. afternoon doing that and it was really scarey. The guy's father told them that his tv didn't work. Couldn't change channels. He had been clicking it and now was up around 100. The channels were changing .1 each time. Said that his tv hadn't worked for months. My son restored everything and wrote down directions on a piece of paper. His son didn't know about this because he always took him home for the afternoon and his father never mentioned it. Not being able to use something like a tv clicker sure decreased his quality of life.

Now that the Gay Parade is over, the next attraction for the masses is the Psychic Fair this weekend. They don't have the same crowds, so they don't get a parade. I saw pictures of some floats and they could use them in a parade. They could start with a large crystal ball and a Genie hanging out of the top.

You probably saw this item on the news about a guy who traded up from a cellphone to a BMW. He did it in seventeen trades. My take on this is that this guy must live in an area where it is easy to find seventeen really stupid people. Who trades down to something of a lesser value? My son thinks it was a con. Maybe he was able to tell each one of them that if they would do a deal, they would get on the news and all be famous. Well, two of them got on the news. Him and his buddy that gave him the cell phone. The others were in the land of how can you be so stupid? I think the clincher for me was the motor bikes. There were a number of them. Who in their right mind would trade a bike for a lesser model and walk away?

In the U.S. they had this "Cash For Clunkers" deal. I think they gave you $2000. Up here, we have a recycle program for old cars. They take cars 1995 and before. And what do you get in return? Why, you get a bicycle or a bus pass for a month. Wouldn't that just get you all excited? Do you think that if I gave them a bicycle, they would they give me an old Volkswagen Bug?

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