Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Hula Hoop!

Happy Birthday Hula Hoop! Actually it was in March, but its the thought that matters. And speaking of thoughts, my thought is that a lot of people who used the hoop would have difficulty fitting inside one now. How unfeeling of me? Well the Illinois State Government is considering an Obesity Tax. They want to add a tax to soda pop. Say it is one of the major contributors to obesity. Do you think that will really help? Come on now! We all know what they are saying. We're giving you a tax increase but we want you to think that is helping you. We had a brainstorming sesson and that's the best we could come up with. In Canada we seem to do it a little different. The Gov. says you now pay 13% and on the first of the month it will be 15%. Complain a little and move on.

Speaking of Canada and the Canada Goose in particular, it seem that some American states are intent on doing them in. New Jersey, the latest. Posses and lynch mobs scouring the state for geese. It has hit our headlines this morning. It's like an attack on Canadians. Hold on there now. They're not just our geese. These guys have dual citizenship. And you guys will be amazed at my solution to stop the slaughter. No longer will we call them Canada Geese (first named in 1772), we will call them American Geese. No American in his right mind would yell out, "Hey, lets go down to the pond and kill some Americans."

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird of the U.S. to be the turkey. Can you imagine that.  "Be your best, soar like a Turkey." I'm glad he was outvoted. I don't think a Thanksgiving Eagle has the same ring. And did you know that a lot of the eagles are immigrants. We sent a lot down from Nova Scotia because of a shortage due to pestacides. I don't think they ever come back for a visit. They got their Green Grass cards right away.

From an article. "If we don't receive any money, we're going to have to close the door, and our employee will have to go on welfare." This is a small museum from a small village whose survival depends on grants from the government. Which in one way is already welfare. I know people whose purpose in life is to get grants from the government. Their existance depends upon it. They dream up a charity or cause, submit it and some bureaucrat  and the gravy train goes on for years. They pollute their tax forms with expenses real and imaginary which eats up most of the grant. If the grant ever runs out , they just get a job with the government since they know how the system works. Know anyone like that?

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