Monday, July 5, 2010

Long LIve The Queen and Tony Soprono

When I saw the latest picture of the Queen today, it reminded me of Tony Soprano. No, she doesn't look like Tony, but he goes to church and hits the track in the afternoon. Wonder if she makes any bets? Like "Philip, could you trot down and put 2 pounds on Runny Nose." No. Probably not. She would have a personal bookie like Lord Hot To Trot.
But I noticed she didn't go to the Gay Parade. Well, I didn't either. Anyway the races were probably more interesting. The Gay Parade-Some of those guys are just too gross for me.

I just went to Drudge to see if there was anything new. Same page for the last three days. Since they have become well known, they have become a lot lazier. Then again, why should I care. I don't pay for it. And a lot of it is just crap.

Lady Gaga sets Facebook record. Has more than 10 million fans. I learned something from that. Ther are at least 10 million idiots in the world. Plus the ones that changed the Wonder Woman costume.

Just came back from flipping thru channels. Ran into "The View." Eight women all talking the same time. What a racket. They sounded worse than the Vuvuzelas. Probably made just as much sense.

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