Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Military Culture

Breakfast finished, Obituary column finished, TV guide finished before I started. The Obituary column upset me. Too many people dying young. Does that mean they have started running out of old people? I am going to petition God to let people live longer. At least long enough to collect all the pension they have paid in. Maybe this is a Government conspiracry. After all they get to keep all the money.

Read this article yesterday and it pretains to military culture in Canada. It has to do with training manuals. And the use of sexual cartoons in these manuals. It appears now that the troops need pictures to understand. When I was in the Air Force, no pictures, all writing. The cartoons are no different than I get in emails. And I can understand why they did it. A sexual cartoon is much easier to remember than a paragraph. Ok, your wrist has ben slapped.

What I don't like about the article is this woman in Calgary, sitting behind a desk, presuming to know about military culture. Basic military culture, you have to learn how to kill people and people will definately try to kill you. Now I never agreed with the idea of women in combat. But women libbers had to have their way. So now women are equally able to get shot in the head. If captured, they won't be given a little BO Peep dress and sent back home. For them, getting killed would be the good part. This reporter need to see the mini-series "Pacific", war at its worse. Too naive to write about the military. There, you have been spanked. Oh crap! Did I say that out loud?

Saw this morning about a female member of parliament. She said that there was a move afoot to change the law concerning Honor Killings. That's where those dumb asses kill their daughter for going to the movies. My first thought was, "Hold on Trigger." Murder is murder. But with reading a few extra lines, the light bulb went on and all was clear. "In her statement, Ambrose said honour killings have no place in Canadian society and urged women’s groups to submit project proposals for government funding to prevent future violence." So the cat is out of the bag there. The Americans would call that pork. Up here, we call it fishy.

I see that in the gulf states, they are not too forthcoming with giving up any of that 20 billion to the fisherman. As they put it, not enough paperwork. I think that if you made $40,000. and paid your taxes you should have enough paperwork. But hey, the big guys have to get their cut first, so how much will be left?

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