Wednesday, July 14, 2010

UFO's Next Door

O.K. the cats and dogs are back. The trees in my backyard are starting to look like the Amazon jungle. I'm sure I saw an indian running around with a knitting needle in his nose. Supposed to rain all day. When you are retired, you have two options. Stay inside and drink beer or stay outside and drink beer. I just came back from buying a lottery ticket. Sucker!

"Something really strange is happening this summer at Shag Harbour’s UFO museum." That's how the paragraph starts off.  Got my attention. Expected to hear about a visit from little grey men. Notice how they always say little grey men? Why can't they be little grey women. Anyway, I found out they were talking about tourists. Mostly Americans. Some could be grey but probably not little. I wonder if they are coming because of the name "Shag?" And will they be disappointed when they find out it's the name of a bird?
The place is our answer to Roswell. Supposedly a flying saucer landed in the ocean near there. I guess you can see two large round indentions on the ocean floor. And what more proof do you need than that? I was stationed near there and I never saw any freezers with aliens. But I must admit there was some weird characters there.

Up the coast we have another place famous for landings. This one is for pirates. Of course I'm speaking about Oak Island. Last June I went on a tour of the island and viewed all the attempts to find the booty. But if you haven't gone, you're s---- out of luck. No more tours. And since it's a private island, you can look from afar and only imagine what it would be to have a latte with Donald Trump. Well you have Plan B - a lottery ticket.

Watching a movie the other night, I saw this wedding car dragging all the tin cans. You know what I mean. I have to admit that I've never actually seen that. It must be an American thing. I looked it up and it says it's to ward off evil spirits. Well, fella, you're going to find out that doesn't work.

Adding a photo of me in Las Vegas with a little grey man. Notice how I am totally amazed?

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