Monday, July 5, 2010

Wonder Woman n' Bin Laden

Yesterday morning I opened the newspaper and out fell one of those inserts. You know the ones, gardening, local news, etc. Well this one was a G8/20 insert. I found it hard to believe. They just keep harping on it. What did they expect. When you see that Gov. spent 1 billion for security, you know they were expecting something. And don't you read the paper. Every time they have one of these meetings, the assholes come out of the woodwork. They live for it and follow it around the world.
One of the funniest things I heard was from this girl who was arrested. She complained that the building she was put in had a cold cement floor. Oh, I'm sorry. But the Sheraton was all full up. Maybe all those arrested should spend a night in a cell with Big Bubba.
I hope our country has quit volunteering to have those things. There are 20 countries, so we shouldn't have to have it for another 20 yrs.

Had this Tweet this morning. "interesting that Wal-Mart employees could not wear 'patriotic' clothing on Independence day because it might offend someone." That's just over the top. I'm sure Bin Laden will be offended, but what the heck. He already knows you don't like him. Now this makes me wonder if they changed Wonder Woman's costume for the same reason. What a mess they made. Get rid of those Stars n' Stripes. Just give her some rags from the Thrift Store.

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