Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ranting Continued

A few weeks ago we threw out a bunch of junk. My wife must have noticed the empty spots so we had to go yardsaleing the last two weeks. Didn't get anything yesterday. That's a good thing. Last week I got a dehumidifier. Fairly new. $149.00 in Canadian Tire. Owner said he bought a new house and it had a dehumidifier installed. Anyway, the bottom line is that I beat him down to $10.00. And I don't feel guilty about it. After all, it could have worked for 10 min. and then quit. Well, I don't and it didn't. I look at it as a gift from God. Because three days later mine started to make noise. I'll have to oil it and see if that cures it. God workes in mysterous ways. Wonder why he thought that guy only needed $10.00?

Never thought that I would think that summer tv shows about 10 years ago wern't that bad. Now they are really the pitts. Shows that started two weeks ago already have reruns. Not that they are good to start with.
I read this "Maradona in post-match altercation with German fans." It must have been the line on my bifocals. I thought it said Madonna. Off I went on an inner rant. "What has this witch got to do with it?" Oops! it was the male madonna. Doesn't matter!

Seeing all these twitters about Joey Chestnut. Who the hell is that? Looked it up. Oh! He's a glutton. Seems like he should be wearing a toga.

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