Tuesday, July 27, 2010

School Days. School Days. Good Old Golden Rule Days

Tue. morning. Should be a nice day. Sunny with a little wind. Sounds like a grass cutting day. Can't start yet, though. Don't want to wake up the neighbours.

The top story in our newspaper today is about kids in school. It appears that the math test marks are too low. But our educators have a solution for that. Our great and wise have decided that the marks are too low because the bar is set too high. How do like that for a solution? Wait a minute now. We had that test three years ago and guess what? They decided that the bar was too high. I don't know if lowering the bar each time is a good plan. Would we then be graduating idiots? Perhaps we are already at that stage. Ever go to a store and have someone count change back to you, without the use of a cash register. That's pretty scarey.It appears that the educators never paid attention when they went to school. "These teachers don't know what they are talking about. I know better than them. And when I grow up and become a teacher, I'm going to show them." And they certainly have.

Read the other day that they are sending down to he Gulf area a local prof. who is an economist and whatever else. He is going down with The Economic Development Council. And he was asked because Nova Scotia has physical, economic and cultural similarities to Louisiana. The only similarity I see is that some of their ancestors came from Nova Scotia.

They are going down for three days to assess the economic recovery needs. First of all I think they have enough Americans that can do that. The people living there know better than anyone what is required. Who is paying for all this? Did someone have their hand in my wallet? Looks like a bunch of guys, doing the same job, getting together at someone else's expense. Getting photos and getting fodder for a university lecture, a newspaper article and whatever else.

There was this picture in the some paper the other day about a vegetarian protesting eating meat. She was dressed as a lettuce. The article said she wanted to turn over a new leaf. What they mean is that she wants us to turn over a new leaf.

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A Love Supreme said...

excuse me. but if you were the person selling the 1970 Japan Air Lines advertisement, would you be able to tell me from which magazine it was from?