Monday, June 8, 2020

Rise of the Idiots

Today is my daughter's hair day. By that I mean she gets her hair washed today. She is 47 yrs. old with severe Cerebral Palsy and today I help my wife wash her hair. We usually have help to come in and do these things but in the present environment that's not allowed.
I heard some crazy things in the last few days. Cities to do away with their police force. Replacing then with social workers and first responders. Can you imagine getting a call that the bank is being robbed and told to hang on tight, we have two social workers on the way. Minneapolis is one of those cities. Maybe it's a ploy to settle down the masses. I certainly hope it's not for real, Wyatt Earp would turn over in his grave. Minnesota has a big problem with Somalians. The only place they can go is downhill.
It rained for the last two days but dry enough today to cut the grass. Still jobs on the list to do.

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