Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Ugly

Yesterday I mentioned the good, the bad and the ugly. Afterward I went to check the movies on TV. Of course on one channel was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I told you that happens to me all the time. Too bad my lottery numbers wouldn't show up.
So, when I was at the doctor the other day, he gave me a new prescription. The pharmacy closes at 6:00 PM so I was there at 5:30. There was no prescription and it didn't seem to be anywhere in the system. Waited till next morning and called a few other places. It was a new doctor so I thought he might have sent it somewhere else. No luck anywhere. Called back the first place and they said it just arrived. Slow email I guess. Told me it would be ready in twenty min. Waited till the afternoon, then went. Wasn't ready. This time I waited for it.
It seems the new pill would interact with one I was already taking so this caused some confusion. They had to get in touch with the doctor, get it changed and so on. The pill I am already using now has to be cut in half. Now this pill is smaller than a small aspirin, so now cut in two, it's really small. I wet the tip of my finger to pick it up.
With all that going on I didn't win the lottery, mainly because I forgot to buy a darn ticket.