Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Strange Murder

Yesterday, I took my wife to the doctor at the hospital. She ended up with a prescription, so that was good. I went with her but just got as far as the lobby. If she didn't need help, no need for me. Spent the next 1 1/2 hrs. sitting in the van. That was OK, had one of my readers with me. Noticed in other cars men waiting for their wives.  As for myself, after I failed the stress test, they said I needed more tests. They would be 6 hrs. long and probably not till Aug, or Sept. Got a phone call yesterday, tests next Tue. at 11:00 AM. That was fast.
Something strange happened yesterday not far from here. A woman was out jogging with her dog and the dog killed her. The Mounties came but the dog had disappeared. Searching for the dog, they found him in a ditch, dead. He had been killed by a car. Almost like a murder-suicide.
Yesterday, I finished cutting the rest of the wood from the garden. Filled five garbage cans. Too many cans for garbage pickup. Those five with my regular two is seven, only allowed five. I'll donate a couple to my neighbor.

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